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Application lockdown is needed to protect sensitive data from unauthorized users. The main benefit of it comes with the fact that any computer user can protect their system from malicious software and help improve the efficiency and productivity of the system. Windows Task Manager is a very useful tool that can help you better understand and control the running tasks on your computer. What exactly is Task Manager? This tool, used to track the system resources consumption, is found in the Administrative tools section. It displays a graphical representation of your currently running applications as well as their overall performance. You can also stop, restart, and terminate processes that are running on your machine. Task Manager Features: Besides being a very useful tool, Task Manager also offers a few interesting features that are helpful when working on your system. Among these features are: Task Manager have a built-in system that allows you to copy a listing of running processes to the Clipboard. You can then paste it onto Notepad or your favorite text editor, where you can use the list of processes to help you understand and manage them. Moreover, you can right-click on each process and select any one of the following options: • 'Start' command to start or stop the process. • 'Close' command to close and terminate the process. • 'Reverse' option to reverse the order of your processes, starting with the most recently used to the least. • 'End Process Tree' command to end all currently active processes. Using the 'Performance' tab, you can view various statistics regarding your computer's running processes. Among them: • Total CPU time. • Current CPU usage. • CPU usage per-process. • Run time for all processes. • Peak CPU time for all processes. Finally, you can also view the list of processes with the lowest priority, the current memory usage of the system as well as the list of processes considered as “blocked”. Task Manager enables you to launch either the calculator or the CPU meter, which displays a snapshot of your system’s CPU usage at any given time. However, you can also use Task Manager to scale back the CPU usage of the system. If you have a CPU bottleneck, this can be a handy feature. It allows you to scale down the used CPU and provides some protection for the remaining processes. How to use Task Manager? Just click the 'Start Task Manager' button on the taskbar, which is on the


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