Outdoor Coed Flag Football League in Manchester, NH | Sunday (9 Weeks)

League Information: This outdoor coed flag football league will play for 9 weeks on Sunday mornings between 10AM to 2PM (depending on schedules start times).


LEAGUE STARTS September 27, 2020. Wear your NH Urban Sport t-shirt to our sponsor bars during the week or after a game for discounts on select apps and select beers.


Team Format Teams consist of 10 players minimum with 7 on the field of which at least 2 are of each gender. This is a coed league after all.


You must electronically acknowledge waiver prior to playing. You can add teammates through week four but not thereafter.


Championship: All Teams compete in the flag football championship playoffs. Winners get awesome, brag-worthy shirts and discounts on the following session. What You Can Expect We play hard, and we maintain respect for one another. Expect sweat, sportsmanship, and loud music to pump you up on the field.

Outdoor Coed Flag Football League in Manchester, NH | Sunday (9 Weeks)

Shirt Size
Individual / Team
  • Teams that have not met the minimum requirement will be filled with free agents or merged with another team.

    Up to 10 shirts will be provided by the league if team is purchased whole. Shirts will be provided otherwise individually by registration.

Recreational Coed Adult Sports League
Manchester, NH
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