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Who We Are

NH Urban Sport is a veteran-owned and operated recreational sports league in southern New Hampshire. Our goal is to bring people together by offering fun, affordable recreational sports. 


We are a sports league that depends on team and players' input, ideas and passions. From new ideas, events, volunteer opportunities and tournaments — this is a league for players, by players. We'd love to see what you will make of it when you join our squad.

What We Value

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Sports are a way for us to connect to each other and where we live, making us feel less alone. 

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Sportsmanship is how you carry yourself on and off the court. It's the pride you carry whether you win or lose. 

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Competition is the spice of life, but if you try to make it a meal, you'll get sick. We play hard, but we honor other players, too.

Staff Corner

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Jesus Salamanca

CEO and owner

Hannah Coen-Salamanca

CCO and owner

Brian O'Donnell

Director of Sports Recreation Strategy

Ryan Mcalpine

Manager of Recreation

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